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Language can be a funny thing … as humans,it is probably our most valuable tool and one which can also be very misleading.

This is especially true when it is reduced to single words or as ‘shorthand’ in business.

For example, take the word ‘Innovation’…

What does this word mean to you and your world’s context?

In a business context, you may agree that it often represents evolutionary value creation.

Organisations that succeed at ‘innovating’ almost always thrive. More importantly, those that don’t innovate will probably not survive at all.

What could be more important than your business surviving and thriving?

‘Innovation’ is just a single word and therefore should it be used to describe such a broad spectrum of meaning? In the same way that the word ‘Africa’ can be misused to describe a vast landmass and fundamentally misleading when it is used as a ‘catch-all’ phrase for organising strategy. It is the same for the word ‘Innovation’ when too many assumptions and generalisations are attached to it.

‘Experts’, books and frameworks are often guilty of providing a general ‘how to’ as a guide to innovation; with far too little attention paid to ‘how to do it best for you and our business’.

What is required for your business to innovate successfully?

Carbon8 Consulting has deep practical experience in helping a variety of clients to create value through innovation. This could take the form of:

· Coaching your business through innovation as a ‘sounding board’

· Conducting a collaborative ‘diagnostic’ to better understand your unique requirements for innovation in your business, or

· A full-scale innovation implementation with specifically defined outcomes.

We would love to help you explore and customise which solutions may fit your specific business requirements.

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